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Released on Hotfoot Records. Recorded by Javan Irving. Mixed & Mastered by Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recording. Album artwork by Robert Sather.


released July 27, 2013



all rights reserved


DENOUNCER Panama City Beach, Florida

A group of nihilistic cynics from North Florida playing aggressive/dark music. New LP "Bad Faith" out now.

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Track Name: Existence
On the coldest of nights
The emotionless feeling
Dead like the trees
Isolated and withdrawn
Is this peace or misery?
Through this dark forest I wonder
Winters cold breath against my face
Looking for answers
Knowing that there are none
Mankind’s existence belongs in the dirt
Track Name: Crooked Path
I’ll stay empty if I never find truth
An endless tunnel, low light shining through
I’m not the same since we last spoke
A mountain pass where I drag my feet
Hang my head
The name I carry is still haunting me
A mountain pass covered in snow
I’m not the same since we last spoke
I can’t face myself; I’m jagged like a spur
And I never got a chance to call you a coward
Track Name: Descend
I try to force you out
Hoping it will take the pain
Alone and numb like the cold
Knowing at this very moment things would never be the same
A path beneath my feet
Leading me to years of sorrow
Accepting this loss
Leaving me completely hollow
Will I ever be whole again?
I could be no further away from this
An endless dreaming of what will never be
Face down in my palms
Just trying to cope
My mind is a sinking ship
And I'm crashing to the bottom of this dark ocean
Track Name: Ascend
Day to night it’s all the same
Forever a stranger to myself
Suspended in endless nothing
Weighed down by regret
Close my eyes
Let the water hit my feet
Feel the wind against my face
Break away from the things I’ve been taught
Losing all hope was complete freedom
Finding good in what others say is evil
Forcing me to look death in the eyes
This could be the last time
Signing the warrant
Knowing the outcome
I’ll pay my dues by selling
What’s left of my soul
Track Name: Abandoned
Rip your mistake straight from the womb
Tie the noose around the neck
Drag the body till you reach the end
Toss your problem in the lake
Watch it vanish beneath the waves
Block out the screams
Abandoned them
Kill the one thing you’ve ever created
The child you can’t look in the face
Regret and shame, blurring vision
Put all the blame on me
It must hurt to die but there’s more pain in living
Track Name: Bad Faith
“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche
Track Name: Detach
We are all alone
From birth to death you’re on your own
Haunted by demons in the form of friends
The one you trust the most
Rip the heart from your chest
Every town's the same
The same old crook with a different face
Save yourself from the rest
Stop them at the source
Prevent the knives
From being ran across your throat
Detach yourself from the rest
Track Name: Bastard
Life is hell; I think I’m giving in
Angel of death come and take my hand
Take away my everything
Replace it with Agony
Cast me into the abyss
Carry me away from this
Crawling up from the pits
Scraping my nails at the bricks
The further up I get, the faster I fall
So I close my eyes and pray
That I hit the ground hard enough
To take away all this pain
Desperation is setting in
How much longer can I withstand
This hate, this torture
I brought all on myself
Looking back I was set to fail
Left in the cold to disappear
Just another bastard child
With no love, no future, no guidance
If I had a home, I’d burn it to the ground
Fuck you all
Track Name: Breaking Point
You’re the skin that’s killing me
I’m pulling fangs from my skin
I realize that I am already gone
In my final moment I wonder if
I could have avoided this
But in the end nothing truly matters
I don’t know how much I can take
With every breath I lose the will to live
Track Name: Imprisoned
Been searching for comfort
My whole life, Running for so long
Getting lost in the walls of my head
I'm done trying to make sense
A desolate state in which I'm never content
Never be content
Never at ease, fuck it what’s the point
Breaking glass with my teeth
Just to make sure that I can still feel
Reality gets further away
With each passing day
And at night I close my eyes
And hope that they never open again
Imprisoned inside my own mind